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Incident Name: unknown
Date:  8/16/1964
Personnel:  Clayton C Farnsworth
Age:  35
Agency/Organization:  Bureau of Land Management employee possibly in Nevada, died in Idaho
Position: firefighter

Summary:  Clay Farnsworth, a BLM firefighter possibly from Nevada (since he or she is on the Nevada LODD Honoree list), died in Idaho on August 16, 1964. The circumstances surrounding his/her life and death are unknown.

(I have not been able to find a news article or obituary. If you have any more information, a news article or family record, where he/she was from or where he/she was fighting fire, please email me at planning @ wlf Thanks, Mellie)


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  • United States Social Security Death Index: Clayton Farnsworth

    Given Name:  Clayton

    Surname:  Farnsworth

    Birth Date:  18 January 1929

    Social Security Number:  518-30-3553

    State:  Idaho

    Event Date:  August 1964

    Age:  35

  • Nevada Line of Duty Death Honorees: Clayton Farnsworth

    Name: Farnsworth, Clay

    Employer: Bureau of Land Management

    Fatality Date: August 16, 1964

    Honored in 2000


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