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Incident Name:  forest fire near Moskee, WY
Date: 8/9/1936
Personnel: Archie Murphy, CCC, from Sioux Falls, SD
Age: 22
Agency/Organization: Civilian Conservation Corps
Position: CCC firefighter

Summary: Archie Murphy, 22, a CCC enrollee from Sioux Falls, SD was fatally injured when a falling timber crushed him on 8/9/1936.


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near Camp Moskee, WY


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Reports, Documentation, Lessons Learned

  • 1936-08-09-wy-ccc-firefighter hit by tree and killed near Camp Moskee, WY

    record from Lessons Learned Center database:

    Date: 8/9/1936

    Location: Camp Moskee

    State: Wyoming

    Incident: Accident: Hit by Tree

    Category: Fire

    Organization: Federal

    Agency: CCC

    Number of People: Not Applicable

    Shelters Available: Not Applicable

    Shelters Deployed: Not Applicable

    Fatalities: 1

    Injuries: Not Applicable

  • Billion Graves: Archie Murphy from Sioux Falls, SD buried in Woodlawn Cemetary (43.52583, -96.71333) in his home town
  • Archie Murphy named as fallen

    Archie Murphy named as fallen Archie Murphy named as fallen

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CCC firefighting effectiveness:

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