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Incident Name:  a Morgan County, TN Fire
Date: 3/11/1972
Personnel: Clarence Edward Laymance
Age: 35
Agency/Organization: Tennessee Division of Forestry
Position: equipment operator, firefighter

Summary: On March 11, 1972, Clarence Laymance was working a fire off US Highway 97 about 1.5 miles east of Wartburg, TN on the tractor plow he was operating. Due to the steepness of the land, Clarence had trouble maneuvering the tractor. The tractor was found parked on the plow line with the ignition off and Clarence was found on the plow line approximately 30' from his tractor plow. Apparently he succumbed to smoke inhalation.


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US Highway 97 about 1.5 miles east of Wartburg TN

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Reports, Documentation, Lessons Learned

  • Brief anonymous record from the NWCG: Historical Wildland Firefighter Fatalities 1910 - 1996 (p 5) (408 K pdf)

    Year: 1972

    Location: Warthog, Morgan Co., TN

    Fatalities: 1

    Agency: Other

    Fire Behavior: Small 24 ac. fire. Wind gusts 20-25 mph. Fire crossed plowed line.

    Remarks: Plow operator trapped and suffocated on bench on upper side of fire

  • TN DOF: Smoke inhalation; succumbed on the fireline
  • US Social Security Death Index: Clarence Laymance

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