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Incident Name:  fire at Mt St Mary's College
Date:  2/15/99
Personnel: Terry Lee Myers
Age: 50
Agency/Organization: Vigilant Hose Company, Emmitsburg , MD
Position: Driver/Operator

Summary: On February 15, 1999, Firefighter Myers was working as a pump operator at the scene of a brush fire on the campus of Mount Saint Mary's College. He had been working for about 45 minutes when he collapsed of a heart attack. Firefighter Myers had not complained of any sickness prior to his attack. Emergency medical care was provided by members of his Department, the local ambulance squad, and by paramedics. Despite their efforts, Terry Myers was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The brush fire was caused by the spread of an unattended fire being used to dispose of cleared brush and trees.


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Vigilant Hose Company, Emmitsburg , Maryland
Mount Saint Mary's College

Mount Saint Mary's College

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Reports, Documentation, Lessons Learned

  • NIOSH Report: Fire Fighter Dies as a Result of a Cardiac Arrest at the Scene of a Brush Fire - Maryland Recommendations:
    • Fire fighters should have annual medical evaluations to determine their medical ability to perform duties without presenting a significant risk to the safety and health of themselves or others.
    • Reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and improve cardiovascular capacity by offering a wellness/fitness program for fire fighters.
  • Information and analysis included in the Firefighter Fatality Report for 1999
  • Excerpt from Protective Clothing for Wildland Fire Suppression ...

    Protective Clothing for Wildland Fire Suppression

    The article that this was transcribed from is no longer online -- was at under archives_files/mauney_wildland.pdf

    The following portion was apparently a MTDC review of deaths of firefighters (1985-1999) wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) not designed for wildland fire conditions.

    The following has info on firefighters that died... Ch 8 (pp 26-27) heart attack and heat stroke fatalities.

    "The following individual firefighter fatality information was obtained from NFPA, NIOSH, and OSHA investigation reports as well as personal interviews with department personnel."

    6.1 East Coast Fatalities


    On February 15, 1999, Frederick County, MD, Firefighter Terry Lee Myers died of a heart attack 46 minutes into fighting a brush fire. He was wearing full bunker gear.

  • MTDC: 1993 - Components of Wildland Fire Personal Protective Equiipment (PPE)


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