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Incident Name: Rack River on the Kaniksu National Forest
Date: 8/19/34
Personnel: John Bromet of Boise
Age: 20
Agency/Organization: Civilian Conservation Corps, fighting a US Forest Service fire
Position: firefighter

Summary: John Bromet, 20, of Boise died fighting a fire at edge of Kaniksu National Forest in northern Idaho. He was struck by a falling tree. He was taken by stretcher to a Sandpoint Hospital where he died in spite of blood transfusions.

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Treacherous and mountainous Pearson Creek Sector, at the edge of the Kaniksu National Forest in Northern ID; District Ranger's office was in Sandpoint ID.

Hospital location, Sandpoint, ID

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Reports, Documentation, Lessons Learned

  • Idaho Student Killed While Fighting Forest Blaze
    New Winds Fan Fires; Aid Rushed -- Blazing trees get out of control in Western Areas

    Monday, August 20, 1994 |AP Online Article

    Spokane Washington -- Foresters today counted lost ground and a lost life in their battle with fire in the forests of the West.

    Felled by a snag, John Bromet, 20, Boise ID, died yesterday at the edge of the Kaniksu National Forest in Northern ID. There the line developed a "bulge" while 1100 firefighters hung on at the ends. About 7,500 acres were burned over.

    Bromet's death brought to four the number killed by falling trees in recent weeks on Pacific coast fire fronts.The former University of Idaho student died despite blood transfusions at a Sandpoint hospital where he was carried by stretcher after being struck Saturday on the trecherous and mountainous Pearson Creek sector....

  • History: Ranger Stations of the Idaho Panhandle National Forests (5442 K pdf)

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John Bromet John Bromet


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