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Incident Name:  Red Bench Fire in Glacier National Park, northwestern Montana
Date:  9/9/1988
Personnel: Patrick David from Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Age: 24
Agency/Organization: Bureau of Indian Affairs
Position: firefighter

Summary: On September 9, 1988, Patrick David died instantly when hit by a falling, burning 160-foot tree while fighting a fire in Glacier National Park.

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Glacier National Park, Headquarters

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Reports, Documentation, Lessons Learned

  • NWCG Report: Historical Wildland Firefighter Fatalities 1910-1996, page 9 (616 K pdf)

    Year: 1988

    Location: Montana

    Agency: Unknown

    Fatalities: 1

    Fire behavior: Unknown

    Notes: Killed by falling tree

  • Patrick David died on a Glacier National Park fire, not one of the Yellowstone Fires, but here's part of an article that documents his death:
Patrick David, LODD Patrick David, LODD

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Media Articles and Reports

  • Yellowstone firefighters braced for worst fire conditions

    9/12/1988 | Online Article about western wildfires

    Safety precautions were stepped up after a firefighter was killed by a falling tree in Montana Friday, the first death directly attributed to the fires, and a helicopter disappeared in a rugged area of a Washington forest ...

    ... Firefighters emphasized safety, posting one person in each crew to watch for falling trees, information officer Jim Payne said followinf Friday's fatal accident.

    Patrick F. David, 26 , a firefighter from Bonner's Ferry ID was killed when a burning tree fell on him and four companions, officials said.

    "There are tons of snags in the area that are smouldering and do and can fall over at any time." Payne said. "We don't want any more injuries out there."


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