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Incident Name:  Hatchery Fire on the Tonto National Forest
Date: 6/21/61
Personnel: 2 lives lost
Agency/Organization: private company under contract with the US Forest Service


Constantine (Corky) Kodz, 32, FS Fire observer
Arthur G. Goodnow, 40, Pilot

The two aerial firefighters from Payson AZ were killed when their single-engine Cessna 180 "spotter plane" brushed wings with T-34, another plane acting as spotter, above the Hatchery lightning fire burning on the rugged Mogollon Rim. One of the planes had been relieving the first when the collision occurred. The single-engine Cessna 180 plummeted into the forest 1/2 mile east of one of the hottest spots on the 400-acre Hatchery Fire. T-34, with its pilot and air-ops/fire control officer, limped back to Payson Airport and landed safely.


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1/4 mi east of the old Horton Creek Rd, approximately 16 mi northeast of Prescott; the Hatchery fire was lightning caused, in the Dick Williams Creek area southeast of Tonto Fish Hatchery and was about 400 acres when the accident occurred.

Discussion of location(just found this, 12/8/11)

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Reports, Documentation, Lessons Learned

  • Memorial at the old Payson Station (now a museum); Memorial location below.

    Memorial to Corky Kodz and Art Goodnow Memorial to Corky Kodz and Art Goodnow

    “Dedicated to Firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our magnificent Mogollon Rim Country.”

    • Constantine (Corky) Kodz, FS Employee 6/21/61 Hatchery Fire air crash
    • Arthur G. Goodnow, Pilot 6/21/61 Hatchery Fire
  • No NTSB record could be found. Record keeping on the online NTSB lookout database began in 1962 and records are incomplete and/or spotty. Agencies generally kept their own records and did any investigation they felt necessary. That all changed with the Pressler Act in the 1970's.
  • Loss of Corky Kodz and Art Goodnow

    Announcement of loss of Corky Kodz and Art Goodnow Announcement of loss of Corky Kodz and Art Goodnow

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Media Articles and Reports.




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Photos, Videos, & Tributes

  • Arizona Fallen Firefighter Memorial
  • Two streets in Payson are named after Corky Kodz and Arthur Goodnow.
  • Memorial location in Payson, AZ
  • US Forest Service Heroes page: Constantine (Corky) Kodz | Arthur G. Goodnow

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