What is Always Remember?: This website is a place to find information and learn about deadly incidents involving members of the wildland fire community.

Who made this site?: Always Remember was developed and created by Mellie Coriell and Steve Myers with the help of J Benshoof, Joe McDonald and a lot of wildland firefighters. Some of the fact-finding and discussion of historical incidents involved the wildland fire community participating on the Hotlist Forums.

Why is this site necessary?: There are a wide variety of websites on the Internet where it's possible to find information on incidents resulting in the loss of life of wildland firefighters. The ownership, content, maintenance, and reliability of each site varies wildly. The objective of Always Remember is to provide a place to research and collect the information, then share it in a user friendly manner to honor the fallen and to foster lessons learned discussion.

Fair use disclaimer: We believe content posted here to be 'Fair Use' of any cited copyrighted material for educational and discussion purposes and to advance awareness and understanding of issues relating to firefighter safety, lessons learned, just culture, civil rights, economics, individual rights, and liberty. For more information, see Section 107 of US Copyright Law that provides for 'Fair Use' of such copyrighted material. Please contact us if you are the copyright owner of material posted here and you feel it falls outside the boundaries of "Fair Use".

When did this site start?:  Information on firefighter fatalities in the line of duty and lessons learned from their deaths has been collected, filed and archived for a number of years by Mellie Coriell. The actual process of researching the web format and collecting more detailed and exhaustive information on Line of Duty Deaths (LODDs) specifically for a website of this nature began in the Winter of 2007. Steve Myers is responsible for the technical end of things. He obtained a webhost for us and created the look and function of the website. Site creation began in September of 2010; JB and RJM helped wiith data entry and fatality locations, respectively. The site went public in March of 2011. Contributors to individual pages are listed at the bottoms of the pages.

How You Can Help: Our strongest hope, which is being realized daily, is that the wildland fire community will continue to step forward to help find, collect, and contribute information for this website. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to see how you can participate.